Planning & Building Records


Welcome to Teton County’s new web portal. You can use this site to research past Planning or Building permits issued for a property, to check on the status of a current permit, or to request a building inspection. Through a link to the Planning and Building Department’s digital archive, this site will allow you to access scanned copies of permits and other documents associated with each parcel in the County.

Common acronyms you’ll see on the web portal are defined here.

Need Help

Contact Teton County Planning and Building at 307-733-3959


The Teton County Web Portal is a work in progress. If you are looking for a particular permit or document and don’t see it, please contact Planning and Building and ask for the Planner on Duty for assistance. If you find documents you believe are misfiled, illegible or otherwise in error, please report the issue via email to the Web Portal administrator. Please include the phrase “Web Portal Issue” in the subject line of your email.

Getting Started

If you are searching for information related to a particular property, select the “Property Search” link. Begin typing a street address into the search box, and a drop-down list of suggestions will appear. Make your choice from that list and click “Go.”

If you are searching for a particular permit and have the permit number on hand, select “Status and Fees” from under either the “Building Department” or “Planning Department” icons. Not sure which department handles a certain type of permit? See the Permit Reference List for guidance. You may search for your permit by permit number or address. Begin typing your permit number, choose the appropriate permit from the drop-down list of suggestions and click “Go.”

Property Review Page

Click on any of the reference numbers listed under “Permit Applications” for more information about a particular permit. Use the “View Teton County Map” link to see this particular property on a map through the Teton County Geographic Information System.

Beginning in 2009, the Building Department began tracking certain types of permits commonly issued in conjunction with a Building Permit as sub-permits of that Building Permit number. Common sub-permits include Grading and Erosion Control, Septic, Plumbing, and Mechanical Permits. If a permit is categorized as a sub-permit, you will not see it listed individually here under its own permit number. Instead, you will want to click on the Building Permit reference number so you can review the sub-permits on the Permit Application Status page. This will only apply if the Building Permit was issued in 2009 or more recently. Prior to 2009, all permits were cataloged individually and will appear in the Permit Applications list.

Planning Project & Permit Application Status Pages

Click on the address or PIDN to see property information and other permits associated with this property.

Requesting an Inspection

You may request an inspection on an active Building Permit through the web portal. In order to request inspections, you will first have to register and create a Web Portal account. Click "Register" in the upper left of the Portal home page and follow the steps to create an account. You will be sent a verification email and will be asked to confirm your account. Once the account is confirmed, click "Sign In" to log in to the site and then click "Request an Inspection." Type the Building Permit number into the search box and click "Go." Once the permit information appears, click on "Schedule Inspection" and follow the prompts.

Note: At this time, inspections conducted by the Fire Department (electrical, sprinkler, etc) cannot be scheduled online even though they will appear as options. You will still need to contact the Fire Department directly. Also, please do not schedule same day inspections or attempt to cancel inspections online. If the inspection you want to request isn't listed, you need to cancel an inspection, or you have any other problems, please call the office at 307-733-7030 and ask to speak with the Permit Technician.