General Recreation Center Guidelines

  • Check-in is required at the front desk of the center. At check-in, guests are asked to pay the entry fee or purchase a membership or punch pass. 
  • Gym shoes must be worn in the gym. Street shoes, boots or marking shoes are not permitted. We appreciate it if you carry in your athletic shoes.
  • An adult must accompany children under eight years.
  • Please report any damaged or broken equipment to the front desk staff.
  • Compliance with facility rules is imperative. Facility rules are posted in their respective areas and have been designed for patron safety.
  • The recreation center is a tobacco, e-cigarette, drug and alcohol free facility.
  • Patrons may bring in their own lock for use in the locker room while they use the facility. Additionally, locks may be borrowed or purchased at the front desk. Locks may not be left overnight. 
  • The Teton County Parks and Recreation Department staff strives to develop a functional leisure lifestyle for all of our participants. People with disabilities are encouraged to participate in any programs we offer in addition to the programs specifically for them. Additional staff can be scheduled to help persons needing individual assistance to participate.

Height & Age Requirement for Recreation & Aquatic Center Use

An adult must accompany children in the water who are less than 3.5 feet tall or are non-swimmers, and must remain in the aquatic facility with children under eight years old. This guideline is set not only for children’s safety but for parental assurances as well.

General Aquatic Center Guidelines 

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when using the Recreation Center:

  • Mermaid fins are not allowed due to the safety factor of securing the feet together.
  • All children under the age of three must wear a  swim diaper; Disposable diapers are available at the front desk.
  • Proper swimming attire is required.
  • Diving board hours may vary according to patron attendance and number of staff.
  • Please remove shoes when walking on pool deck.
  • An adult must accompany children in the water whom are less than 3.5 feet tall or are non-swimmers, and must remain in the aquatic area with children under eight years old.
  • No person age five (5) or older shall use the restroom/washroom designated for the opposite sex.  There are four family changing rooms next to the men’s and women’s locker rooms that are available for use.
  • If maximum capacity is being reached, a 10-minute break will occur at the top of every hour. Hourly breaks are typically done during summer season.

Available Life Jackets

  • US Coast Guard approved life jackets and puddlejumpers are available for use in the aquatic area at no charge.