Lease, Rent and Fees

Lease, Rent & Fees:

  • Lease Provisions: No state statute. However, it is generally accepted that leases must use words with common and everyday meanings and must be clear and coherent.
  • Late Fees: No state statute. We note, however, that rent is legally due on the date which is specified in your lease agreement. In the event the tenant fails to timely pay the rent, the landlord is permitted to charge late fees. There is a caveat, in that the landlord may not impose a late fee if the lease agreement does not contain a clause concerning late fees.
  • Increase in Rent: No state statute. We recommend, however, that a landlord give a tenant at least 30 day’s written notice to increase the rental amount or change any other terms in a month to month lease agreement. And for long term leases, we recommend that the landlord not increase the rental amount until the lease agreement has terminated.
  • Retaliation or Discrimination: In the United States, a landlord is not permitted to increase rent in a discriminatory manner, i.e. race, gender, religion, etc. Landlords are also not permitted to increase rent in retaliation against a tenant if a tenant has exercised a legal right, such as filing a legitimate complaint to a local housing authority concerning their tenancy.
  • Termination for Non-payment of Rent: A landlord may file for eviction when a tenant’s rent is three days or more late and the tenant has been given at least three days’ notice. A landlord is also permitted to terminate the rental agreement with an Unconditional Quit notice. Wyo. Stat. §§ 1-21-1002 to 1-21-1003.