Meet Our Staff

Battalion Chief Fire Marshal Kathy Clay shows off a 31 pound lake trout caught and released back into Jackson Lake. At work, Kathy is charged with managing the work and staff of the Prevention Bureau. She is pleased and proud to introduce you to her staff. You may email Fire Marshal Clay at 

Desk phone is 307-732-8506

Chief Electrical Inspector Mike Bressler gives home rule to the Town of Jackson and Teton County through the authority of the Wyoming State Fire Marshal's Office. That's a big deal. Mike works hard to ensure electrical installations are following code and will be safe. Mike also works hard to keep us all laughing! Thanks for that Mike! Mike's email address is

Desk phone is 307-732-8511

Chief Electrical Inspector Butch Gosselin holds a very unique title - in the organization and in the nation.  One of the few - if not the only - certified electrical/fire inspectors around!  Butch brings great depth and added value to the work of the Prevention Bureau with these dual skills.  Sergeant Major Gosselin serves for the National Guard and we are proud of his service.  Butch's email address is

Desk phone is 307-732-8596

Past volunteer firefighter and lieutenant, Fire Inspector Bobbi Clauson brings the team a vast experience of fire knowledge and insight to the important work of plan review, business inspections, and wildland urban interface reviews.  Bobbi is a nationally certified car seat Instructor as well.  You may reach Bobbi's email at

Desk phone is 307-732-8588

Fire Inspector Lisa Potzernitz returns to Jackson Hole Fire/EMS after working compliance with the Teton county Housing Authority. Her years of volunteer firefighting out of the Hoback Fire Station, brings her a solid foundation in understanding fire code compliance. She resides south of town and is a proud mother of her two fine children, Ashley and Jessie. Her email is

Desk phone is 307-732-8502 

Kathy Clay

Mike Bressler