The Grove Phase 3

4The Grove Phase 3 is a part of The Grove Planned Mixed Use development (PMUD) located off of Scott Lane and Snow King Avenue. The Town of Jackson traded The Grove land for the Karns Meadow with the JTCHA so that the START Facility could be built at Karns Meadow, and directed the Housing Authority to build out the entitlements that existed on The Grove property. The Town also paid the Housing Authority $750,000 to make up for the difference in value of the two properties. 

In 2016, the Board of County Commissioners directed staff to partner with Habitat for Humanity to develop the final phase of The Grove. Habitat broke ground on the project in 2017 and continues to raise funds for the project. 

Public funding: $1,300,000 (infrastructure) + $1,128,000 (land) = $2,428,000

Private funding: Habitat will raise all private funds needed to build the project, with construction costs estimated at $6,750,000. Final numbers will be available once the project is complete. 

Units: 24 ownership units serving households earning <80% of median income. 8 units will be complete in November 2018. 8 units will be complete in Q1 2020. 8 units will be complete in Q1 2021.