Healthy Teton County (MAPP Process)

horizontal Healthy Teton County Logo with orange, green, and blue colors

Healthy Teton County (HTC) envisions a vibrant greater Teton community where opportunities for excellent health are available to all.

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Our Values
As a community we embrace the following values in pursuit of our vision: 
teamwork, leadership and accessibility.


  • We believe that partnerships and collaboration are critical to our success
  • We share the workload and all take responsibility for improving the health of our community
  • We pledge our commitment to the Healthy Teton County vision
  • We work to ensure that connectivity and communication exist between all system partners


  • We lead by example and act as role models within the community
  • We value researched-based strategies and follow best practices within our profession


  • We emphasize justice in our efforts to create an equitable health system
  • We apply fairness in our decision-making
  • We employ kindness as a guiding principle
  • We practice compassion with our clients, partners, and all community members