2018 Intake Form Report

In November 2015, local elected officials approved the Workforce Housing Action Plan. The plan focused on housing supply, housing management, funding for housing, and zoning for (where to build) housing.  The Intake Form was launched in January 2018 and its purpose is two-fold.

First, the form asks the household filling it out about how much money they earn, how big their family is, where they live now, where they work, and more. This information is used to help us better understand the demand for housing – what size units do people want, what can they afford, do they want to rent or own, etc. Understanding the demand, in turn, allows us to build units that are most needed.

Second, the form allows us to track trends in our local workforce, particularly those households who seek housing. This helps us at a macro level as we contemplate economic development strategies; land development regulations, requirements, and incentives; and housing programs both existing and new.

Ultimately, the Intake Form will serve as a single point of entry for all deed restricted housing programs which is why the Housing Department worked with both Habitat for Humanity and the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust to develop the form. By ensuring we are asking the questions to which we all seek answers, we can streamline the process of creating that “one stop shop” for households seeking housing.

Right now, the Housing Department requires every household looking for housing through our programs to fill out the Intake Form. 

November 2018 Report