For Public Release Regarding the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board’s Funding of the 2019 SHIFT Festival, May 20, 2019

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board will continue to fund the 2019 SHIFT Festival (‘SHIFT’) at the previously approved level reflected in our fiscal year 2020 budget.

The Board has diligently reviewed the sequence of events, communications and current opinions involving SHIFT and the associated Emerging Leaders Program. We have concluded that, although The Center for Jackson Hole is not without historical missteps, it is in the best interest of our community, our environment and our broader society to continue our support of their work.

We commend the leadership of the Center for Jackson Hole for enacting several significant changes to this year’s upcoming events based on feedback received from a multifarious group of stakeholders. We are appreciative to all who have participated in this discussion and trust that collective betterment has been a shared goal throughout. We have full confidence in The Center for Jackson Hole’s ability to execute on their organizational changes and stated objectives for which the funding was originally approved. It is our belief that through this process, they have become better equipped than ever to proceed with their valuable work on the challenging, pertinent issues surrounding conservation, recreation and outdoor access. As we move forward, we ask everyone to practice empathy and seek commonality to allow for greater understanding between diverse perspectives and continued, productive dialogue.