Commercial Personal Property

Wyoming Statute 39-13-107 requires that all personal property for a business in Teton County be reported to the Assessor`s Office by March 1 of the tax-reporting year. Personal property consists of all furniture, fixtures and equipment necessary to conduct your business such as desks and other office furniture, telephone systems and cellular telephones, computer systems, software, display racks and shelving, and any other tools required for your trade.

The Statement of Personal Property for the taxing year is mailed to a business in December and should be returned to the Assessor`s Office by March 1.

Responsibility of Owner

To insure that a proper value is placed on each item of personal property, it is in the interest of the owner to list as much information as possible. This information will establish the category, trending and depreciation tables used in arriving at a value for tax purposes.

Proper reporting of commercial personal property is a responsibility and part of doing business in Teton County.

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