Curative COVID Testing

Curative is a shallow nasal swab test that is performed by the individual being tested with supervision. You will be asked to swab each nostril. Children will need assistance from a parent to collect their test. Curative will send your sample to their lab and you will receive results by email within 24-72 hours.  

Beginning Saturday, July 16, 2022, the COVID-19 testing sites in Teton County, WY operated by Curative will no longer provide tests at no cost to everyone. There will be three options to cover costs: 

  1.  Curative will bill your insurance 
  2.  Patients can pay at the time of service 
    1. Credit card is the only form of payment being accepted at this time
    2. RT-PCR = $99 out of pocket 
    3. Abbot ID NOW = $90 out of pocket 
  3. If a patient is uninsured, your test will remain at no cost due to the Wyoming Department of Health COVID-19 testing program 

To see locations in Teton County and schedule your testing appointment, please click HERE. Enter in 83001 to search to see Teton County locations. 

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