Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials are defined as any substance which has been  determined to be either a health hazard or a physical hazard to people.

You  may be thinking to yourself, "We live in Teton County, what Hazardous  Materials do we have here?" That is a very good question. Products that  we use every day such as gasoline, household cleaners, propane, pool  chemicals, and agricultural pesticides are only a few of the dangerous  substances that you will find in Teton County. When used properly, these  materials are helpful and make our lives easier. It is when they are  either accidentally or purposefully misused that they become an issue.

Hazardous materials incidents can be very dangerous  depending on the substance involved. It takes a very specialized and  highly trained team to deal with the more dangerous substances. Also,  dealing with and disposing of certain materials can be very difficult  due to the potential environmental impact for years to come.

Risk Factors

Here are some of the factors that can increase your risk of being involved in a hazardous materials incident.

Two men in hazard material suits.
A green spray bottle.

Proximity to Hazardous Materials Facilities

These are the places where hazardous materials are either being loaded, unloaded, or produced. Although we don't have much large industry here in Teton County, we do have propane tank farms, gas stations, retail stores, and ranches where hazardous materials are used, sold, and disposed of every day.

Proximity to Hazardous Materials Transportation Routes

In Teton County, these would be the highways where fuel trucks, tractor trailers carrying mixed loads of cleaning supplies and other chemicals for retailers, or other carriers of hazardous materials are transporting their goods.

If Your Occupation Requires Working Near or with Hazardous Materials

If  you work with chemicals, you are at a higher risk of being involved in a  hazardous materials incident. You can ask your employer for Material  Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that pertain to the chemicals in your  workplace. These sheets explain the hazards, necessary precautions, and  first aid needed upon contact with the chemical.

Material Safety Data Sheets