Living in the Rocky Mountain West, weather plays a big role in all of our lives. Even if your profession doesn't have you working outdoors, many of us have to commute long distances over desolate highways to get to work or choose to recreate outside on our days off. When we are prepared, the weather in Wyoming can be handled safely.

It is easy to begin taking the weather conditions for granted, and to not prepare for those "what if" events. Something simple like taking a hike in the Tetons in the summer can change in an instant if a rain shower and accompanying cold front move through.

Although this situation is hardly a disaster, here in Teton County hypothermia is a risk year round if you don't have adequate clothing (rain gear in the summer, layers of non-cotton clothing in the winter). What was a simple rain shower can become a life-or-death situation if you aren't prepared.



The impacts can be as varied as the severe weather event itself. They can range from minor travel inconveniences to loss of life.