Agency Services

Road Department Services

  • Maintain adequate maintenance programs
  • Maintain adequate traffic control system
  • Maintain adequate public address system
  • Maintain and protect the integrity of the county road system
  • Protect the county and the board from litigation
  • Provide input into the planning process of the county roads system to provide from future needs

Levee Department Services

  • Coordinate all activities pertaining to the levee system with the Army Corp. of Engineer and/or Board of County Commissioners
  • Maintain armor revetment adequate to with stand normal high water flows.
  • Provide equipment and manpower for flood fight and rehab activities
  • Provide personnel for flood watch activities
  • Provide upstream access to all levee reaches within flood control system
  • Provide Walton Quarry for riprap source and manage all activities in quarry area

State Engineer`s Office


  • Achieve a high percentage of Hydrographer/Water Commissioner and Division Superintendent decisions that are upheld on appeal.
  • Complete water right adjudication files (proofs) within three years or less from the date of acceptance of completion notice.
  • Respond in two business days or less to calls for stream regulation.


  • Assist with and recommend orders for head gates, parshall flumes, and streamgages (as needed for efficient water use).
  • Complete safety of dams inspections and file reports with the State Engineer’s Office.
  • Meet with the public and advise, with regards to the permitting process for water rights applications.
  • Provide  direction to the public, with regards to the rules and regulations of  the State Engineer’s Office and the Board of Control.