County Road Access Permit Regulations

A Road Access Permit is required to construct an access driveway off of a county road. Once completed, the permit is attached to the County Building permit. There is no charge for this permit.  

  1. Permit Forms: Application for an access permit to construct any private driveway or to reconstruct or alter any existing driveway shall be made to the Road Superintendent having jurisdiction in the area. Application for access permit will be accepted only from an individual or partnership or corporation or other body recognized by law as owning all or the major interest in the property abutting the highway right-of-way or proposed highway.
  2. Access Driveway Permit
  3. Information Required:
    1. The location of the property must be identified clearly enough for the proposed site to be located in the field.
    2. Complete names and addresses of the property owner or owners must be given on the application.
    3. The planned property use must be indicated as one of the following:
      1. Private Residential Driveway. A private residential driveway is defined as a driveway adjacent to a county highway to provide entrance to and/or exit from a residential dwelling for the exclusive use and benefit of those residing therein.
      2. Commercial Driveway. A commercial driveway is defined as an entrance to and/or exit from any commercial, business or public establishment adjacent to a county highway.
      3. Cultural and Institutional Driveways. A cultural or institutional driveway is defined as an entrance to and/or exit from churches, schools, hospitals, etc. Design requirements are the same as for commercial driveways.
      4. Minor Driveway. A minor driveway is defined as an entrance to and/or exit from a field, ranch or farm property, and not frequently used.
    4. A Sketch Showing Sufficient Dimensions shall be submitted with the application which clearly indicates the character and extent of the work proposed including;
      1. The location of all existing or purposed building, stand, pumps, retaining walls, and other physical features which affect the driveway location.
      2. The sketch must show property lines and dimensions and existing access driveways.
      3. The sketch must show all drainage which affect the driveway location.
      4. Off-street parking locations which may affect the driveway location.
      5. The sketch must show the proposed access driveway.
  4. Materials: The grantee shall furnish all materials necessary for the construction of the entrances and appurtenances authorized by the permit. All materials shall be of satisfactory quality and shall be subject to the inspection and approval by the Teton County Road Department.
  5. Driveway Construction: All new access driveways following approval of permit shall be constructed in conformance with the approved sketch.
  6. Inspection Maintenance:Teton County Road Department reserves the right inspect these installations at the time of construction and at all times thereafter and to require such changes, maintenance and repairs as may at any time considered necessary to provide protection of life and property on or adjacent to the roadway.
  7. Changes in Existing Facilities: No access driveway or other improvement constructed on the roadway right-of-way shall be relocated or its dimensions altered without a duly approved permit from the Teton County Road Department.
  8. Indemnification: The grantee shall hold harmless the Teton County Commission and its duly appointed agents and employees against any action for personal injury or property damage sustained by reason of the exercise of his permit.
  9. Limitation: These regulations shall apply on all roadways, other than controlled access highways, under the jurisdiction of the Teton County Department.
  10. Signs: The grantee shall not be permitted to erect any sign, either fixed or movable, on or extending over any portion of the roadway right-of-way, or conduct any business of any nature on the roadway right-of-way except for traffic control or public address signs as may be required by county.