The Lottery System

Affordable Lottery

To run a lottery for an affordable home, the Housing Department first collects lottery entry sheets and sorts them into four groups (or buckets) according to how they meet the lottery preferences.

Next, an independent lawyer assigns a number to each lottery entry and draws the numbers from the first bucket until the bucket is empty, then from the second bucket, and so on until all names have been drawn. All numbers are recorded in the order they were drawn. If the first household drawn decides not to purchase the home, it is offered to the second household, and so on.

One person households may apply for a two-bedroom home and still be in the first  preference group. If a one or two-person household applies for a home that is three bedrooms, they will not be in the top preference group. All adults and children who will be residing in the home will be counted. Children will only be counted when they are eligible to be claimed as dependents on federal tax returns. Household size is determined at time of lottery entry.Graphic Depicting the Preference Buckets of the Lottery System