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The Teton County and Town of Jackson Land Development Regulations (LDRs) require that a housing mitigation plan is submitted with each application. Please contact the Housing Department if you have questions or need help with your Housing Mitigation Plan: 307-732-0867,

Housing Mitigation Requirements

Affordable & Workforce housing requirements are calculated using the "Affordable Housing Mitigation Requirement Calculator" (linked below).  The Calculator is a downloadable Excel Workbook. This workbook is being updated regularly. Please redownload the document each time you use it to ensure you have the most up to date version.

Independent Calculation

Some developments are required or allowed to submit an Independent Calculation instead of calculating based on the LDRs. If you are submitting an Independent Calculation, you need to either be (1) required to by the LDRs or (2) be able to supply local data, analysis, or other supporting materials that provide competent substantial evidence that supports the proposed modification. Please see Section 6.3 of the Land Development Regulations for the Town of Jackson or Teton County for more information.

In Lieu Fees

When the requirement calculation is less than an entire housing unit or when a developer can demonstrate that providing a unit is impractical, a fee in lieu of providing units may be paid.

The fee in lieu amounts are calculated annually by the Planning Department.