Alta Solid Waste Disposal District


The purpose of ASWDD is to facilitate the efficient disposal of solid waste and equitable assessment of landowners and users in Alta, Wyoming, for such services. Also, having been assigned the role of the former Alta Advisory Committee, ASWDD shall promote effective two-way communication with the Teton County Commissioners of the needs and concerns of the Alta community.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings: Quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Location: Alta Library at 5:00 PM

Current Members (3-Year Term)

Scott Pierson - President/chair, 2023-2025

Janis Falabella - Secretary, 2022-2024 

Deb Adams - Treasurer, 2022-2024

Hadley Stewart,  2023-2025

Bryan Osbrach (Replacing Jim Sheehan), 2022-2023

Contact Information  

Contact:  307-413-8522  email:

P.O. Box 1548, 

Driggs, ID 83422

Type of Arrangement

Solid Waste Disposal District pursuant to Wyoming Statute §18-11-101 et seq.

Board Purpose / Responsibilities

Manages disposal of solid waste in the Alta area of Teton County

Enabling Authority

W.S. §18-11-101 et seq.

Organization and Operation of the Board

Powers as stated in Wyoming Statute §18-11-102

Appointment and Terms of Office

Appointed by Teton County Board of Commissioners; terms are three years.

Interest of the Parties in Property, Facilities and Equipment

All property owned and controlled by the Solid Waste District

Budgeting and Auditing Responsibility

Control of revenue and expenditures is by the Solid Waste Board. Alta Solid Waste District --  Annual District Levee per Unit:

               Residential                            $ 120.00

                Commercial/Lodging         $ 550.00

The Solid Waste District may impose maximum mill levy of 3 mills through an election.  

Personnel Arrangement

Solid Waste District may employ employees of the Solid Waste District. Currently No employees