Health Department



Physical Address

460 E Pearl Avenue
Jackson, WY  83001

Mailing Address

PO Box 937
Jackson, WY  83001

Clinic Contact Information

Phone: 307-733-6401
Fax: 307-732-8747
Email the Clinic

Environmental Health Contact Information

Phone: 307-732-8490
Fax: 307-732-8491
Email Environmental Health

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Health Department Administration 

Name Title Email Phone
Pond, Jodie Director of Health 307-732-8461
Chappelle, Carol Accounting Specialist 307-732-8462
Scholz, Zeenie Administrative Coordinator 307-732-8470

Community Health 

Name Title Email Phone
Shore, Beverly Community Prevention Coordinator 307-732-8495
Agnew, Stuart Community Health Outreach Coordinator 307-732-8484
Avila, Odalis Community Health Outreach Worker 307-733-6401

Environmental Health 


Name Title Email Phone
Budge, Sara Environmental Health Supervisor 307-732-8463
Bratz, Kat Environmental Health Administrative Assistant 307-732-5744
Wallace, Brody Environmental Health Specialist 307-732-8499
Williams, Cassie Environmental Health Specialist 307-732-8472

Public Health Nursing 

Name Title Email Phone
Lawrence Garland, Janet Public Health Nurse Manager 307-732-8473
French, Jhala Public Health Nurse Supervisor 307-732-8401
Barbera, Jenny Maternal & Child Health Nurse Coordinator 307-732-8476
Flores, Ana Interpreter 307-733-6401
Glawe, Sarah Maternal & Child Health Nurse 307-733-6401
Gustafson, Maurene Maternal & Child Health Nurse 307-733-6401
Hernandez, Marilu Medical Administrative Assistant 307-733-6401
Iwasecko, Marta Communicable Disease Nurse 307-733-6401
Kennedy, Hannah Reproductive Health Nurse 307-733-6401
Linville, Rose Sexual Health Coordinator 307-732-8467
Mares, Kely Patient Registration Clerk 307-733-6401
Peters, Chelsey Sexual Health Nurse Coordinator 307-733-6401
Rubrecht, Shelley Medical Interpreter 307-733-6401

Public Health Preparedness and Response 

Name Title Email Phone
Wheeler, Rachael Public Health Response Coordinator 307-732-8446

COVID-19 Response 

Name Title Email Phone
Cox, McKinnley Public Health Specialist 307-203-6531
Gordon, Andi Investigate & Trace Coordinator 307-249-7208
Gramling, Elissa Vaccine Logistics Coordinator 307-264-9621
Hernandez, Anamaria COVID-19 Response Administrative Assistant 307-203-7129
Kreiger, Kajsa Public Health Specialist 307-203-7894