Punch Cards

Punch Card Fees

Age Resident 10-Punch
Resident 20-Punch
Non-Resident 10-Punch
Child (3-12)
$42 $38
Youth (13-17)
$27 $51 $46
Adult (18-62)
$33.50 $63 $59
Senior (63 plus)
$23.50 $42 $38

Getting a Punch Card

Each punch card holder must purchase a resident ID card. Each resident ID card holder can have “punches” electronically added to this card. A $5 fee will be charged for lost cards. Punch cards purchased for the recreation center give access to the recreation center facilities, but do not include programs.

Other punch cards are available for some programs such as water exercise and fitness classes. Punch cards are for the individual whose name appears on the card, and are not transferable to friends and/or other family members. Non-resident punch cards are also available. Punch cards do not expire, and unused punches are not refundable or transferable.