2021 Regional Housing Needs Assessment & Housing Nexus Study



Regional Housing Needs Assessment:  An assessment of the housing market, resident and employee housing needs, business employment challenges, as well as a summary of the opportunities and constraints to providing better and more housing that residents and employees can afford in the region, including Jackson/Teton County, WY, northern Lincoln County, WY, and Teton County, ID. 


The focus is on the resident and employee housing market – what residents and employees of the region can afford and what they are able to find and not find.


The study will identify how much, what type (ownership or rental), at which price point and for whom housing is needed across the entire housing spectrum – from extremely low-income households through higher priced housing for residents and employees.

Jackson/Teton County, WY, Employee Generation by Land Use Study: A study evaluating the impact of new residential and commercial development on the need for affordable, workforce housing. The process will use primarily publicly-available and trusted data sources, tailored by local input and conditions. The evaluation will assess:  

  • Jobs generated based on residential household expenditures on local goods and services; 
  • Jobs generated based on residential construction and maintenance/management of homes;
  • Jobs resulting from the addition of new commercial space; and
  • A separate component evaluating the impacts of tourism on job generation, which is a primary driver of jobs in Teton County. 

The outcome will help target town/county development codes and identify other strategies that can be used to better address employee housing needs linked to continued demand for and use of services in Teton County. 



A diverse housing stock is needed to meet the changing circumstances of households over time. When households in any life stage (from beginning renters, to first-time homebuyers, to move-up buyers, and aging households seeking to downsize), have an opportunity to afford and find suitable housing for their needs, this allows them to grow and change within the community, building stability, year-round residency, community vibrancy and support for businesses and the economy. 




The project will begin July 2021. The Housing Needs Assessment and Nexus studies will be presented to the public in February 2022.  Important dates include:


Employer survey - COMPLETE 

Aug. 30 to Oct. 8               

Resident and employee survey - COMPLETE 

Aug. 30 to Oct. 8               

Draft report - COMPLETE

Week of Jan. 10, 2022

Final report and presentation: Teton Region Housing Needs Assessment - COMPLETE - Read report online

March 7, 2022 

Final report and presentation: Housing Nexus Study - COMPLETE

April 11, 2022

Housing Mitigation Program Policy Discussion


The town of Jackson/Teton County has contracted with WSW Consulting, Inc. (www.wswconsult.com) and her team of consultants (Economic and Planning Systems (EPS); Williford, LLC; Navigate, LLC; Urban Rural Continuum; OPS Strategies) to conduct this study.


We have also established a Housing Stakeholder Group of about 30 participants that represents the funders and other community stakeholders and experts to help provide direction, data and input throughout the data collection process. This group, along with extensive participation from the general public and other stakeholders, will help carry the information from the Housing Needs Assessment and Employment Generation studies into action through extensive participation in a Community Housing Strategy process that will begin in February/March 2022. This process will help build the understanding, relationships and joint creativity needed to better ensure success moving forward. 

Housing Needs Assessment Stakeholder Group 

  • Anna Olson – JH Chamber 
  • Skye Schell – JH Conservation Alliance
  • Elizabeth Hutchings – Shelter JH
  • Tyler Davis – Local Developer, JH Working
  • Mary Kate Buckley – JHMR 
  • John Kren – St. John’s Health
  • Gillian Chapman – TCSD 
  • Ali Cohane – Local Restauranteur 
  • Melissa Turley – Teton Village Association
  • Brett McPeak – Real Estate
  • Rob DesLauries – Teton Village Developer
  • Jordan Rich, Voices JH
  • Iván Jiménez – Hole Food Rescue
  • Stephanie Thomas – TC Search & Rescue, Affordable Homeowner
  • Wendy Martinez – Teton Habitat, Planning Commission, Affordable Homeowner
  • Adrian Croke – Community Safety Network 
  • Sharel Lund – One22
  • Laurie Andrews – Community Foundation 
  • Cristina Briones – Voices JH, Affordable Tenant
  • Stacy Stoker – JH Affordable Housing 
  • Anne Cresswell – JH Housing Trust 
  • Kris Greenville – Teton Habitat 
  • John Frechette – Local Small Business Owner 
  • Anne Schuler – Local Small Business Owner, Planning Commission
  • Marina Chapeton - Teton Literacy Center
  • Shawn Hill - Teton County (ID) Housing Authority Board Member
  • Doug Self - Community Development Director, City of Driggs, ID
  • Betsy Hawkins - Community Resource Center of Teton Valley
  • Brian McDermott - Teton Regional Economic Coalition (Teton Valley)
  • August Christensen - Teton Valley Housing Crisis Task Force

Housing Nexus Study Sub-Group 

  • Anna Olson - JH Chamber
  • Mekki Jaidi - Outpost (property management)
  • Rob Deslauries - Developer 
  • Skye Schell - JH Conservation Alliance
  • Tyler Davis - Developer
  • Gavin Fine - Fine Dining Group (restauranteur) 
  • Josh Haney - Shaw Construction