Integrated Transportation Plan

Welcome to the project page for the Jackson/Teton County Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP). The community plans to meet future transportation demand through the use of alternative modes. The first step in realizing this goal is the development of a community wide integrated transportation plan. Check back to this site often for the latest updates on the project and schedule of events.

Adopted Plan

At the September 14, 2015 Joint Information Meeting (JIM) the Board of County Commissioners and Town Council adopted the ITP.

ITP Review Meetings

ITP, September 2015 (With Revisions Highlighted)

Additional Reports & Documents

Workshops & Meetings

Related Projects

Town Community Streets Plan

The Town of Jackson Community Streets Plan provides guidelines for street improvements in the Town of Jackson. Please email Lindsay Kissel or call 733-0440, ext. 1302.

ITP Project Background

Development of an ITP is an important directive of Section 7 (Multimodal Transportation) of the recently completed Jackson/Teton Comprehensive Plan. The “integrated” component of the plan references integration between multiple modes of travel instead of evaluating each mode in its own sphere, it also references integration between jurisdictions (Town, County, State, Federal) an integration of land use and transportation 

The ITP will utilize a metrics-based approach to provide a detailed strategy, including an implementation plan, for the Town and County to achieve the transportation objectives set forth in the Comprehensive Plan. This plan is being developed jointly by the Town of Jackson and Teton County and guided by the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). The planning process was initiated in early 2014 and is expected to be complete by December, 2014.

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