How to Seek Funding

Funding Details

Thanks to the money collected from the lodging tax, many community events have been partially funded through the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board (JHTTB). Fall, winter, and spring events that drive visitation to Jackson, offer visitors more to do while here, or contribute to the distinctive character of our community may be eligible to receive funding from the JHTTB.

To apply, complete the ‘22-‘23  TTB Event Sponsorship Application. Application Guidelines can be found here. A PDF of the application is here, for reference, but to apply you MUST USE THE LINK above TO FILL OUT VIA GOOGLE FORMS 

For events applying for $10,000 or more, please complete the Sustainable Events Survey in addition to the above application. For help contact our Sustainability Coordinator at

For more information or to see if your event is eligible, see the Application FAQ or contact the Special Event Liaison. You can also watch this Webinar which is a great overview from the Events Committee. 

Applications open Monday, January 3 at 8 am MST and close Friday, February 25 at 5 pm MST. Late applications will not be accepted.

The JHTTB will only accept applications for events taking place between September 24, 2022 through June 5, 2023, and must take place in Teton County, WY.

Events Funded

Click here for a link to ’21-’22 Events Funded by the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board

To learn more about the mandatory recap report that will be due post-event, click here.  To download the report template, click here.

For questions please contact Britney Magleby, events liaison, JHTTB. Direct: (307) 201-2302