Wilson Corridor Study

Wilson Corridor Study Virtual Open House

The virtual open house will be open on April 23 - May 7, 2021

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April 22,2021-  Final Opportunity for Public Feedback on the Wilson Downtown Improvement Plan. Click here for official press release

Project Background

Through a Co-Op agreement approved by the County Commissioners in April 2019, Teton County, Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) are working collaboratively on the Wilson Multimodal Corridor Study.  The purpose of the study is to develop a long-range transportation plan that will improve safety for motorists and non-motorists on, and adjacent to, Wyoming Highway 22 in the (unincorporated) Community of Wilson area in a manner that fits with the desired character of the community.  This study will be developed under the supervision of a steering committee, which includes representatives from the Wilson area (selected by the Wilson Advocacy Group), Teton County Public Works, and the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).  Recommendations resulting from the study will be based on the transportation network analyses and will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Projected traffic volumes: The study shall utilize the Teton County Traffic Demand Model and WYDOT traffic counts to determine projected 20-year future traffic volumes and operational analysis on Highway 22 and adjacent collector roads.
  • Transportation Network Improvements: Identify possible changes to the transportation network within the study area, including added capacity, roadway geometric improvements, traffic calming, pathway and sidewalk improvements, highway crossing opportunities, Fish Creek Bridge crossing, access to the Wilson School, and improved accessibility to the State Highway system.
  • Desired community character: Recommendations shall take into account the aesthetic, safety, mobility and other community qualities of Wilson in determining the proposed improvements.
  • 2001 Charrette and WYDOT Planning and Environmental Linkages Study (PELS): The study should reference, and, where applicable, incorporate the results of the 2001 Charrette and the PELS in the formulation of a long-range plan for the community of Wilson. (Exhibit B)
  • Cost Estimates:  Recommendations should be prioritized and have approximate construction cost estimates and potential funding sources prepared.

Wilson Corridor Study