Building Permit Submission Request Form

Building Permit Submission Request

  1. Teton County Permit Submission Request Form
  2. Please provide the applicant's name who will be applying for the permit.

  3. Provide the applicants phone number.

  4. Provide the applicants email.

  5. Provide the address where the construction will take place. If there is no address use the PIDN number. 

  6. If you are wanting to reschedule or cancel a currently scheduled submission:

    Please provide the original submission date in the " Questions or notes for the permit tech" box located at the bottom of this form. Then select the new date you would like to submit in the available week options down below. These are updated every Monday. If the week you want is not listed, there is no more availability for that week. 

  7. What type of request are you submitting?*

    Please select the type of request you would like to submit for.

  8. What type of permit will you be applying for?*
  9. Will you be applying for any of the following?*

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  10. Have you applied for a Pre- Application Conference?*
  11. Has your Pre- Application Conference been held?
  12. Is the property located in the Wildland Urban Interface?
  13. Please select the week you would like to submit. (This is updated every Monday)*

    Please note that the deadline to submit your application on the portal is the MONDAY of the week you select by 5 p.m.

  14. Include the type of project, scope of work, etc...

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