Text, Email & In-Person Notifications

Sign up for mobile emergency alerts

Nixle Emergency Email / SMS Alert System

This service allows our agency to relay emergency information to the public via email and SMS (text) messages. You simply sign up and be sure to list one of your locations as being within Teton County. You can also sign up by texting TETON_WY to the number 888777. You will receive a confirmation text message letting you know that you successfully signed up.

Wireless Emergency Alerts

Wireless Emergency Alerts, also known as WEA, are a new addition to our Emergency Alert System. FEMA, the National Weather Service, the State of Wyoming, and Teton County Emergency Management have the capability to send these WEAs to capable cell phones. Teton County Emergency Management is able to send these alerts to all capable cell phones that are within range of a cell phone tower in Teton County, without the user having to register ahead of time. This means that this system can send alerts to people who are visiting from out of town and may not be aware of our Nixle notification system.

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Wireless Emergency Alert

The other advantage of this system is that if there is an active alert and a user isn't in Teton County currently or is out of range of cell service, as soon as their phone associates with a cell tower in Teton County they will receive the alert. The disadvantage of this system is that the messages can be no longer than 90 characters and cannot contain web links to further information. For that reason, if we issue a WEA, we will always put further information out via Nixle.

WEAs are used very rarely and only for extremely hazardous situations in Teton County, and the public should register for the Nixle system on their website to ensure they receive all pertinent emergency alerts.

Door-to-Door Notifications

Teton County may use Search and Rescue teams, CERT members, or other personnel to go door-to-door to deliver the emergency message to affected neighborhoods.

Public Address Systems on Emergency Vehicles

This method is very localized, and would be used if a disaster were affecting a particular neighborhood. What would happen is Teton County Sheriff's Office, Jackson Police Department, and Jackson Hole Fire/EMS vehicles equipped with loudspeakers and sirens would drive through neighborhoods advising the area that the EAS has been activated and they need to tune to radio, television, or NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio for further information.

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