Planning Application Portal & Checklists

New Online Application Submittal Process

Starting January 2023, Teton County went live with our new integrated software system, SmartGov! What this means is that in order to submit applications to the Planning and Building Office, you will need to set up a Portal Account through the link below and submit your applications digitally through the online portal. 

Here are step by step instructions for using this application portal: How to Submit on the SmartGov Portal

If you have questions about what you will need for your specific application type, updated checklists for digital submittals are available on the SmartGov portal under "Documents"

Reach out to our office if you have any questions about submitting your application! (307)733-3959 or email

**Please note that submitting a digital application is the same as signing an application form and we require permit applicants who are not the property owner(s) to provide a letter of authorization. **