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Jackson Hole Teton County Fire/EMS

  1. Accident/Incident Report
  2. Application for Fireworks
  3. Electrical Permit Application

    Electrical Fees Calculator and Permit Application

  4. Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Checklist

    A mobile food truck permit shall be submitted no later than two weeks prior to event. For more information on requirements see Section... More…

  5. Purchase Order Form

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

  6. Release of Inspection Report
  7. Station Tour Request Form

    Station Tour / Firefighter Visit Checklist

  8. Volunteer Application For Membership

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

  9. Volunteer Member Time Card

    Ambulance Shifts / Transfers / Special Events

  10. Work Order Request Form

    JH Fire/EMS - Maintenance Department

  1. Annual Short Term Rental Check List

    Through the authority of the Town of Jackson, Ordinance 5.60.050(E), Jackson Hole Fire/EMS conducts annual fire safety inspections on... More…

  2. Ask Us a Question
  3. Hose Testing Log

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS members should use this form when doing their station's hose testing.

  4. Patient Request for Access to Protected Health Information
  5. Release of Fire Report Information

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

  6. Special Event Application

    Request Jackson Hole Fire/EMS for your event.

  7. Temporary Tent Permit Form

    Tent Application

  8. Volunteer Leave Request Form

    Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

  9. Wildland Urban Interface Application