1395 Primrose Lane, Attainable 4 home for sale


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Attainable Home for Sale -An Attainable home is very different than an Affordable home. It does not have a cap on the sale price. Therefore, Attainable homes sell for much higher than Affordable homes and are meant to serve working households earning higher incomes that still are unable to afford a market home.

There is an income and asset limit, which limits who can qualify to purchase the home. The income and asset limits are higher than the limits on Affordable homes. Only a household that meets the income and asset requirements listed below will be able to purchase this home.  

Interested applicants must complete the Intake Form, which can be found here and present the Housing Department with a signed acceptance offer or a contract along with a complete application to be qualified.  1395 Primrose Lane

About the hone:

  • Two-story, 3-bedroom, 1 3/4-bath, 1 car garage, 
  • Range, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave
  • 1,588 square feet
  • Home price $995,000.00
  • Pets allowed
  • No minimum occupancy requirements
  • Must be below income limit for the category
  • Must be below the asset limit
  • No set price or appreciation
  • For sale by owner or owner's realtor
  • At least one member of the household must work full-time (minimum 1,560 hours) in Teton County
  • Must occupy the home 9 months out of each calendar year
  • May not rent the home, but may rent a room as long as the home is still occupied by the owner
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (hold a Green Card)

Income Range to qualify to apply for this home

One Person Household

$0 - $135,608

Two Person Household

$0 - $154,980

Three Person Household

$0 – $174,353

Four Person Household

$0 – $193,725

Five Person Household

$0 – $209,223

Six Person Household

$0 - $224,721

Net Asset Limit


All forms needed to enter can be found here, under "Attainable Ownership -Forms".

Homebuyer Education Link at lease one member of the household must complete the home buyer education course.

Calculation of income:

Household income is calculated based on the current income earned by all intended adult occupants of the Restricted Housing Unit using the current household income to estimate an annual (12 month) income basis.

Business income of a qualifying Household is calculated using an average of the last three (3) years of income on the business’ tax returns. A year to date profit and loss determination will also be used to calculate business income. If the business has not been operating for three (3) years, the Housing Department will average income over the time the business has been operating.

Example cost breakdown for a purchase price of $995,000

20% down payment (required)$199,000
Loan Amount$796,000
Principal & Interest Payment (estimated 3.5%)$3,574
Property Tax (estimate)$473
Insurance (estimate)$150
HOA Dues (estimate)$25
Total estimated monthly payment$4,222

All calculations are estimates and provided for informational purposed only.  Actual amounts may vary.



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