Future Partnership Projects

The Housing Department is working on three new partnership projects, detailed below. 

Low-Income Multifamily Rental Housing in Town

This project is a partnership between the Town of Jackson and Summit Housing Group. The project is broken into four distinct tasks: 1) property identification (June/July 2020); 2) Qualified Allocation Plan (“QAP”) study and opportunity assessment, preliminary design (July/August/September 2020); 3) project application (September 2020); and 4) project development (Spring 2021 if credits received in January 2021). Once built, the development will provide rental housing for households earning <60% of median family income. The Town Council finalized a contract for services with Summit Housing Group June 15, 2020. The Town Council will hear an update on the development during a special workshop on August 10, 2020 at 6pm. The staff report for this meeting can be found here.

445 East Kelly Avenue ("Brown Property")

This 1-acre property was purchased by Teton County in June 2020. On July 20, 2020 the Board of County Commissioners directed the Housing Department to work with Teton Habitat to develop the property. The Board also directed staff to work with stakeholders to develop an RFP for site design that includes greater connectivity to Mike Yokel Park, enhanced and safer access to the Cache Creek Ditch, and preservation of the historic Brown residence for future use as either a community center managed by Parks & Recreation or a housing unit. 

Jackson & Kelly 

This project is a partnership between Teton County and a local family. The development will be built on 10 lots located south of Snake River Brewing. Staff is currently working with the family to create massing models for the property and to identify potential funding sources for the project, which will ultimately result in housing for households earning 20-200% of median family income. Staff anticipates beginning the official planning process for the development sometime in late 2020.